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Design of concept:Naming / Story telling / Comercial Strategy


Design of graphics: Branding (logo, social media, etc)


Design of spaces: Curation of each commercial space and common areas. Boutique store decoration; and setting spaces in events such as concerts or bazaars.

A cultural and commercial passage conceptualized from its roots, meticulously designed and set with a style that captivated its visitors.

Bosque Meztitla was a cultural and commercial passage located in a town with a high tourist impact in Mexico.

Amapola created this project in a space of 3,000 square meters in a small backwater of forest; I was in charge of the commercial strategy, marketing and public relations, branding, curatorship, decoration and setting, and event management.


I decided to undertake this project by renting all the physical space and renting some of the spaces to other businesses. I conceived of a place where tourists would live a magical experience, close to nature and the mysticism that is lived in this town and where local people would solve endless daily needs, such as a work space, physical and artistic activities, places to eat, have coffee or a glass of wine; a safe place for younger children to bond while their mothers and fathers - most of them freelancers - worked, thus allowing them to be close to them. Trees, hammocks and swings to play, read, contemplate. Exquisite shops with designer items made mostly by women artists and artisans.

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